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Provide easy solution to know what your children, spouse, buddy or co-workers are doing online

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Professional Advance Keylogger Software records all unauthorized user activities on your computer system in your absence. Advance Key logger utility act as best Parentalcontrol software that allows you to see not only what your children or employees do on the internet, but also traces clipboard activities, recently opened system or application files, Voice chat conversations and captures every visited Windows screenshot periodically at regular interval of time to get fair idea about their overall system activities.

Undetectable keystroke recording utility secretly traces all keyboard activities and saves recorded data in encrypted log file, which is automatically send to user (system owner) specified e-mail address or upload log file via FTP settings. The most intelligent internet monitoring software captures all typed keystrokes, instant messages, chat conversation details, website visited, online search etc.

  • Kid’s activities: Parents can easily monitor children activities on computer and internet.
  • Employees working: Office manager can easily detect employee’s activities in working time on PC and prevent the leakage of confidential data.
  • Internet cafe: To monitor internet misuse that helps to take appropriate steps to control it.

Powerful Monitoring Features:

  • Capture user activities on computer system
    • Easily records unauthorized user activities performed on your computer system in your absence

  • Captures windows screenshots
    • Captures Windows screenshots periodically at regular interval of time with slideshow option.

  • Send log file to email or upload via FTP
    • Automatically send encrypted log file to user specified email address or upload log files via FTP server settings as per defined by the user.
  • Generate recorded data reports
    • Provide facility to generate report of recorded data in txt and html file formats in an accurate way.

  • View backup of the recorded data
    • Provide facility to view backup of the recorded data for future reference.

  • Export internet activities in excel file format
    • Facilitate to export recorded data of internet activities in excel file format.

Security Features:

  • Run hidden in the background
    • Desktop
    • Start menu
    • Add/Remove program list
    • Destination folder path

  • Password protected facility
    • Prevent unauthorized user to access or modify software configuration setting.

  • PC owner set hot key or run command to access keylogger application
    • System administrator can easily set hot key and run command settings to access application if running in hidden mode.

Intuitive GUI Interface:
Advance Keylogger software provides user friendly and interactive graphical user interface so that novice users can easily understand software features without acquiring any prior technical skills or training.

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