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Provide easy solution to know what your children, spouse, buddy or co-workers are doing online

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Need to secretly track all the unauthorized user activities on your computer? Use easy to use Keylogger software that records activities of your kids, family member, relatives and employees on computer system in your absence in easiest way. Key Logger is most powerful PC monitoring solution and recording software to track all typed keystrokes including:

  • Document list
  • Online chat conversation
  • All website visited
  • Send emails
  • Instant messages
  • Username/Password of webmail and website and everything that is typed on your Desktop and Laptop PC keyboard.

Invisible Keylogger activity-monitoring utility is password protected to prevent unauthorized users from starting/stopping the monitoring process as well as changing or modifying software configuration settings. Computer monitor tool runs in Standard or Hidden mode and is undetected from Start menu, Add/Remove program list and even hides software installation files from the external users. Keylogger application is ideal choice for Home user, Office manager, PC owner, Internet cafe, Computer lab and for Small and medium business organization.

Powerful Monitoring Features:

  • Monitor user activity on your PC
    • Keylogger software easily captures all the typed keystrokes made by unauthorized user on your PC in your absence.

  • Secretly record typed keystrokes including
    • Chat recording: Records all typed chat conversation details including of Yahoo messenger, MSN, Gmail, AOL and other popular chat programs.

    • Web recording: Records all the website activities including typed website visited URLs, sites titles etc.
  • Record time and date
    • Easily record and view login time and date of every session created.

  • Generate reports
    • Automatically generate reports of recorded data in txt or html file formats.

  • Send log file
    • Provide facility to mail log file at user specified e-mail address.

Security Features:

  • Password protected
    • Software provides password protected facility to prevent unauthorized users to change and modified software configuration settings.

  • Run in Standard and Hidden mode
    • Software is capable to runs in Standard or Hidden mode and not appears on the Start menu, Add/Remove Programs and even remains in hidden attribute in installation folder path.

  • Set Hot key and Run command settings
    • Keylogger owner can set hot key or run command settings to access the application if it runs in hidden mode.

User Friendly Interface:
Key logger software provides attractive and interactive graphical user interface, so that user can easily understand software features and functionality without requiring prior technical skills and training.

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